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Georgia Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

Georgia requires 20 hours of CE per year due December 31st. (Renewal cycle is every 2 years ending 12/31 in even years). Georgia requires that 5 of the required 20 hours consist of 4 hours in ethics or risk management, and 1 hour in Georgia Law.

Approved areas of study to satisfy the fifteen (15) hours in chiropractic clinical science are:
1. Examination Procedures/Diagnoses
2. Adjustive Technique
3. Radiographic Technique/Safety
4. Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation
5. Nutrition
6. Research Trends
7. Physiological Therapeutics
8. Chiropractic Philosophy (maximum of 3 hours)
9. Clinical documentation which includes insurance billing/reporting/coding and procedures; (maximum of 4 hours).

Approved areas of study to satisfy the four (4) hours in ethics or risk management are:
1. Risk Management
2. Chiropractic Medical/Legal
3. Public Health Issues
4. Professional Conduct/Boundaries Issues
5. Scope of Practice.

Online CE Requirements For Georgia

GA requires 40 hours of CE every 2 years. During the last 2 year cycle (2019-2020) restrictions for online learning were ammended in GA allowing all 40 hours to be done via online during that time.

The original requirements for online hours have been reinstated by the GA Board for the 2-year cycle of 2021-2022. However, if you completed 20 hour via online in 2021 you may only be able to do your remaining 20 hours via Live Seminars in 2022. Please check with the GA Board concerning your eligibility.
ProCredits is offering a Live Seminar in Atlanta in December 2022.

Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners