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The Role of Sirtuin Genes in Longevity and Healthy Life Expectancy

Dr. James Meschino DC, MS, RHOP

Credit Hours: 2



The excitement of the bestselling book, HealthSpan, by Harvard researcher Dr. David Sinclair has increased the public’s awareness of sirtuin genes and their role in longevity, anti-aging, and disease prevention. Unfortunately, this book pays little attention to the nutritional medicine factors that are proven to modulate our sirtuin genes, as well as their effects on other important genes and signalling systems (AMPK, mTOR, PARP DNA repair enzymes, Heat Shock Protein-70 etc.) within our cells that impact healthy life expectancy, aging, and disease risk.

In this course, Dr. Meschino provides an easy-to-follow explanation of how our body’s seven sirtuin genes function and how they impact longevity, healthy aging and disease prevention. He also explains how to activate the sirtuin longevity circuit and how to modulate other key genes and transduction signalling factors using targeted nutritional and lifestyle interventions. You will be instructed how to advise patients on simple strategies to optimize expression of the body’s longevity genes.

This is a course that all chiropractors should attend, as it dovetails perfectly with our understanding of innate intelligence and the proactive health care model promoted by the chiropractic profession.

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