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NJ Chiropractic Symposium: Muscle Dysfunction, Nutrition, and Documentation

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Live 10 Hour Event - $199 Sheraton Edison 125 Raritan Center Pkwy, Edison, NJ 08837

August 19, 2023 8am-6pm
10 Hours Approved in NJ, NY, PA, CT and All PACE Approved States
Speakers & Instructors
Bringing Together the Best Doctors in the Chiropractic Field

Charles Annunziata DC, CFMP

Marty Kotlar DC

NJ Chiropractic Symposium 2023: Muscle Dysfunction, Nutrition, and Documentation

August 19, 2023 - 8am-6pm

The NJ Chiropractic Symposium is 3 information packed seminars in one! It begins with documentation for the modern Chiropractor instructed by the guru in Chiropractic coding and documentation, Dr. Marty Kotlar. Dr. Kotlar will bulletproof your practice with topics such as Chiropractic SOAP notes, the latest ICD-10 coding, and how to differentiate care that is medically necessary from wellness. Certified Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Charles Annunziata enlightens the importance of the microbiome of the gut and how it relates to the health of the vertebral disc and overall inflammation in the body. Dr. Annunziata will discuss the latest research showing the correlation of the overgrowth of certain gut bacteria and the incidence of vertebral disc degeneration and sciatic pain and how we as Chiropractors can remedy this growing problem. The symposium concludes with an in depth look at the neurology of inhibited and hypertonic muscles and how to properly diagnose each of these conditions. Treatments on how to facilitate an inhibited muscle or down regulate a hypertonic muscle will be taught using Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Origin and Insertion Technique, Myogelosis, and Reactive Muscle Pairs. Best of all you will be able to use these techniques immediately in your practice! The integration of all this information will give the Chiropractor a complete practice model from diagnosing, coding, to treatment. Staff may attend for $99 with doctor registration.

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Get 10, 16, and 22 CEU hours at one spectacular event!

All courses will be held at the:
Sheraton Edison 125 Raritan Center Pkwy Edison, NJ 08837